Proofreading: top advice you can takeaway

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Skimping on the services of a professional proofreader is a false economy. Recently a friend opened a takeaway business and came by to hand out menus, fresh from the printers. There was an awkward silence. Finally, someone spoke. ‘Where’s Lona Street?’ Our friend looked blank. She followed the finger, to where it pointed at the menu. ‘It should say Iona Street.’ There was a typo in the address. The menu had been put through a spell...

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Content creation made simple – Easy copy for sharing and keeping

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Warning: Tenuous jumping on the baking bandwagon as the Great British Bake Off returns to our screens. I’d love some ideas for content that is light, easy and quick to make. My 32-year old designer insists we don’t have room for many words. How do we get more bang for our buck? Reader, Scotland When it comes to limited space (I’ll assume we’re talking about print or digital) it’s vital to make each word work hard. You don’t have room for...

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Do you want to double your reading speed, and get rid of the misplaced comma?

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As teachers endlessly tell children “don’t move your lips when you read.”  There’s no disputing that it slows young readers down. Reading speed is limited by how fast you are able to speak. “You speak too quickly, slow down” teachers also endlessly tell children.   What does all this advice do to us? Well, presumably Sean Shannon ignored it, to become the holder of the world record for fastest talking. He can manage more than 655 words...

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Have you met a Sue? Every writer, editor and proofreader has

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“You must meet Sue,” the friend says “she’s taking early retirement and is going to be a proofreader. Perhaps she could lend you a hand.” “Is she trained? How much experience does she have? ” I ask, keen to have a go-to-person for times like this when I’m too busy to stay for longer than a coffee. “Oh lots, she’s published books and everything.” Every proofreader, editor and writer knows a Sue. In this day of redundancy and early retirement...

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She’s Behind You! Oh No She Isn’t

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Welcome to the Words Are Everywhere newsletter. With panto season about to start, don’t miss out and book your favourite now: *************** HUMPTY DUMPTY It’s Christttttmaaaaas. And I know of at least one annual report that has as much chance of being printed in 2010 as humpty dumpty has of avoiding a big fall. Good girls and boys plan ahead. I’m writing articles for the Spring issue of a magazine. Yes Spring. It’s business as usual....

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Be a nice guy this bonfire night

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Welcome to the Words Are Everywhere newsletter. *************** Quiet Halloween as Words Are Everywhere prepares for busy Bonfire Night Ah, the crackle of sparklers in the cold night breeze…don’t you just love fireworks? But not the kind generated by missed deadlines for important clients. Firefighting? If you need spare capacity give me a call. I’m guaranteed not to behave in any way that will cause harm or distress – to you, your...

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