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Quiet Halloween as Words Are Everywhere prepares for busy Bonfire Night

Ah, the crackle of sparklers in the cold night breeze…don’t you just love fireworks? But not the kind generated by missed deadlines for important clients. Firefighting? If you need spare capacity give me a call. I’m guaranteed not to behave in any way that will cause harm or distress – to you, your clients or the office dog. Be a nice guy this bonfire night, call me.


It’s safety first

Making sure bonfire night doesn’t go with a bang is Abbott Risk Consulting, safety and risk management consultants. I worked with 39 Steps to create a brochure promoting their Nuclear Safety Consultancy Services. And having whetted my appetite we went on to produce their Annual Report complete with case studies about nuclear powered submarines, tidal energy devices and offshore drilling in the North Sea. Need a technical subject made accessible for the general reader? Call me.



Halloween has been and gone but I’m still going about my ghostly ways. Ghost writing articles on how SMEs can increase the impact of their websites and use social media for a national firm of accountant’s quarterly newsletter. Working on behalf of an Edinburgh-based contract publisher. But, of course, I’m not really there. I’m flexible and very discreet. If you’re overstretched give me a call. Invite the right one in.


Get out of marketing–trouble FREE!

This email entitles you to one free hour of marketing support. Like most copywriters I provide a free consultation upfront. Call me for an opinion. I have plenty of opinions (don’t get me started on Fearne Cotton). This month I’ve been advising a recruitment consultancy, an IT solutions provider and a transcription service on how their websites could do much, much better. The secret? Not more resources, just some very smart changes to their marketing focus. Get in touch for your free review


Don’t use this Bonfire Night as an excuse to burn your old print publications

Read my article ‘Do businesses need brochures as well as websites?’ and join the print v digital debate onEnterprise Nation a free resource to help you start and grow your business at home.

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“Gill is a pleasure to work with and you can trust her to get the job done to deadline. I was very impressed by her. One of our documents in particular was highly confidential and I was more than happy to pass this to Gill as I know she dealt with it professionally. Gill was able to turn the job round in the very short time frame she was given at incredibly short notice. We were given a very comprehensive review of the document.”

Claire MacIntyre, Taste Design