Doing business abroad – writing for Alibaba, Amazon and beyond

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Many are asking should you invest in Alibaba as the Chinese internet trading company heads towards a float on the New York Stock Exchange. If the question you’re asking is Ali-what? then read on. E-commerce is more than eBay and Amazon. Don’t limit yourself to Western platforms if you have international trading ambitions, adopt a global mindset. Alibaba is China’s answer to eBay, and surpasses both Amazon and eBay globally. Meanwhile

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Content creation made simple – Easy copy for sharing and keeping

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Warning: Tenuous jumping on the baking bandwagon as the Great British Bake Off returns to our screens. I’d love some ideas for content that is light, easy and quick to make. My 32-year old designer insists we don’t have room for many words. How do we get more bang for our buck? Reader, Scotland When it comes to limited space (I’ll assume we’re talking about print or digital) it’s vital to make each word work hard. You don’t have room for...

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Do you need to translate for prosperity come Chinese New Year?

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Man United will join millions of people to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, which falls on 31 January. The club will use its own official Chinese website, to appeal to Chinese-speaking fans. It’s fair to assume the club doesn’t have to justifying the investment in translated content for the site, a mirror image of the British version. Chinese seems to be the one language UK businesses choose to translate content and...

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Why your website needs to be open all hours ahead of Small Business Saturday

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Shop local and support Small Business Saturday (7 Dec),  you may find hidden gems. Or you may be unlucky and find the shop in darkness with a closed sign on the door. Ahead of the day – the first one in the UK – I’m putting in a request for market traders and independent retailers to meet shoppers half way. Prepare for one of the busiest shopping days by checking that your website has the correct opening hours. Many businesses will be...

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Web copy aftercare offered for purely selfish reasons

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in Website |

For this copywriter the beauty of websites is that they’re so easy to update. Accepting changes to her copy after handover is perhaps harder. Submit samples of your work, it says. No problem. And then my fingers freeze over the keyboard. Faced as I am with the ‘box of death’ — the blank space intended for the URL. Last week it happened again. Invited to submit a proposal I was merrily uploading print samples on the procurement portal....

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Past perfect content. Why it’s all just a little bit of history repeating

Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Communication, Digital, Marketing, Print, Self-publishing, social media, Website |

You look back.  You look back to the start of the year when plans were being drawn up. Back when it all seemed so simple. It is simple. Well no perhaps that’s a tad simplistic, if ‘it’ is life. I’m not a lifestyle guru. There are many other blogs which will promise that life should be simple. I’m just offering you hope, to shape your content in the New Year. Content is simple. Stop over analyzing. Or rather make sure you analyse the right...

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