Marketing thru COVID – a plan of sorts

Posted by on Apr 24, 2020 in Blog, Front page, Marketing |

COVID-19 brought the film and TV industry to a halt, more or less overnight on 17 March 2020. The next day, I jumped on a call with the two owners of Power Gems, and we came up with a way to harness the six years spent working together to build a global brand. The Manchester-based business designs and manufactures a specialist lighting product for film and TV production, with the majority of sales overseas. My approach I created a one-month...

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Defining your target audience: Gaffers, best boy and grips

Posted by on Feb 20, 2018 in Blog, Marketing |

I like to believe I’m a copywriter who understands my client’s industry and business, but what exactly is the difference between a gaffer and a best boy? Fortunately film critic, Antonia Quirke has made a series for BBC Radio 4 – Quirke’s Cast and Crew, where she explains who does what in the film industry. In the first episode, Gaffer & Best Boy, she talks to members of the film crew responsible for all things electrical. He who controls...

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How to write winning award entries

Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Blog, Marketing |

Ever wondered how a product gets to be awarded ‘the world’s best’? It’s not a level playing field – yes, each product has an equal chance of winning. But not every product is going to enter, and the common mistake we all make is focusing on competition that isn’t even there. Most businesses aren’t doing anything to win awards, so they’re not competing with you. They are run by business owners who too busy honing their sales techniques or...

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When marketing automation goes bad

Posted by on Aug 17, 2017 in Blog, Marketing |

Online reviews from happy customers are a great way to win more business. Marketing automation can help you, by sending emails to ask for feedback. But while automation can save you time, you also don’t want to make these mistakes. Today, The Body Shop UK sent me this email: Immediately I was suspicious – it looked like a scam email, the business name wasn’t simply the Body Shop. Learning point: Use a sender email address that’s consistent with...

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Marketing to Millennials

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015 in Blog, Marketing |

As we look to the New Year, Millennials feature heavily in many of the predictions for 2016. I’m exhausted by the constant claim that the Net Generation, those born between 1980 and 2000, will change how we do business. Forever. Sometimes I sit and wonder, what the reality is behind the hype. For example, we’re always being told that Millennials are digital natives with no concerns about privacy. But don’t confuse a willingness to express...

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How to market your book before publication

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Blog, Marketing, Print, Self-publishing, Writing style |

Here’s my advice for marketing your book, possibly even before you’ve written it. Most people are not just writing a book. Do you have the luxury of writing full time and getting paid for it? As an expert writer or knowledge specialist, you’ll most likely be writing as a side project. Recently I attended a talk by a consultant who has a firmly established reputation. He wasn’t a professional speaker, but casually mentioned ‘by the way, this...

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