Haines Watts – Writer B2B magazine

Edinburgh Copywriter

Channel: B2B magazine

Role: Writer

Key challenge

Regular contributor to One, the Haines Watts magazine for owner managers.

Commissioned to write the news section and special features, such as ‘Going online’ a guide to harnessing technology to increase sales and reduce costs moving SME business to a profitable online enterprise.

Contributing key case studies and profiles of clients. ‘Clicks and care’ featured Mistrys Pharmacy, a pharmacy with a new and fast-growing online business – eventually Shanti Mistry wants to generate sales equally split between bricks and clicks. I interview the business owner and the Haines Watts advisers, and share their experience of achieving high growth.


“Mistrys works hard for every sale. The family-run pharmacy employs 55 and everyone is computer literate and trained to run their own department both in the store and online. Says Shanti: “When they are standing at the counter and not serving, they use the laptop to list products on the website, write the descriptions and change the prices. To break the monotony of packing all day our post girls spend an hour blogging and Tweeting.” He treats employees as adults and trusts them to make sure work is getting done. “They can book holidays and can do their emails.”