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It’s Christttttmaaaaas. And I know of at least one annual report that has as much chance of being printed in 2010 as humpty dumpty has of avoiding a big fall. Good girls and boys plan ahead. I’m writing articles for the Spring issue of a magazine. Yes Spring. It’s business as usual. Need a freelancer to get work done while you take time off? Did I mention that the holiday season is also often the beginning of the flu season? Call me.



I don’t accept beans unless they really are magic. But I can make your business grow and grow. Writing compelling content for an Edinburgh based life and couple coach. Plucking articles on succession planning and taxation from thin air. Exploring the challenges facing fast growing business in a series of case studies. And cutting giant reports down to size with my editor’s red pen. Need help? She’s behind you! Oh no she isn’t. Unless you give me a call.



I’m bringing the magic of Twitter, Facebook and website marketing to a Glasgow bike shop by delivering a rip-roaring digital marketing strategy to boost online sales. And writing articles about social media and website marketing for a national accountancy firm’s magazine for business owners. Looking for a genie-us social media and web writer? Grab your magic lamp (phone), make a wish and summon me.



If you peer closely enough you can almost see Scrooge hunched over his ledger. I can dispel the popular misconception – Scrooge is balancing his books. Look again. He’s correcting a set of proofs. Scrooge vows to mend his ways – you can too. Use an editor and proofreader. Call me.



Forget that old chestnut. What does Santa need to know about direct marketing? He spends no money on marketing and children still send their Xmas lists. Unlike him you have to get inside the head of your prospect, tap into powerful emotions and motivate them to act – whether it’s giving you their credit card number or cutting down their drinking.

I help people put their ideas into words. The right words. For many of my clients words do the selling. I understand copy and how it works as a direct marketing technique, how it can work as a marketing tool. And I work across all channels because what works offline (in print – brochure, newsletter, poster) will work online too (web, blog). I’m also an experienced journalist, copy editor and proofreader. And I have a background in communications. For compelling, engaging content contact gill@wordsareeverywhere.co.uk



“Gill delivers superb content very quickly. If you have a website that needs well written content and you want to work with someone who is 100% professional then I recommend you call Gill.” Carol Finlayson, Life and couple coach