Editions Financial – Marketing support and corporate writing

copywriter Edinburgh

Channel: Corporate magazine

Role: Marketing, writer and editor

Key challenge

Creation of a publication to build relationships with existing clients and prospects. The content needed to demonstrate an understanding of what makes B2B, B2C customers tick and how to engage them in different media.

I was acting as the Marketing Manager at the time, responsible for producing the magazine with a cross-disciplinary in-house team.


“The right approach to content marketing can help financial brands rebuild trust, yet 48% don’t have a strategy. It’s time to shift from interrupting to engaging.

We believe it is time to change. The rise of content marketing marks an opportunity to shift from interrupting customers in the hope of just selling products, towards a more considered approach. One that rewards at each stage, and engages in a deeper relationship.”

Gill has a wide range of marketing skills, but I think the one I valued most is her ability to gently but firmly and persistently keep all the different parties on track to deliver a project. Most people would have given up in frustration long before!

Caspian Woods

Owner, Editions Financial