Why you need Words are Everywhere

I believe words sell. You can have the most amazing website. But if the content is wrong no amount of polishing will save it. Daniel Craig played a brilliant Bond – but we still know Ian Fleming wrote the book.

And no actor was ever remembered for a great performance in a bad film (yes, I mean Layer Cake, Mr Craig). That’s why actors all yearn to play the great roles – they know that they can only do great work with great writing.

Performers may rule the world. Writers create worlds

Don’t think actor think writer: when you are about to develop a great website or publication don’t think how can I deliver this? Think how well can this be written? A great performance starts with a great script. A great website, printed magazine or campaign message starts with a great copywriter. That’s me. See what clients say.

Marketing + copywriting = words that work

Give your brief to someone who understands copy and marketing. Because I understand content and how it works as a direct marketing technique, how it should work as a marketing tool. And I work across all channels because what works offline (in print – customer magazines, brochures, strategy documents) will work online too (website, blogs, social media).

I’m an experienced writer with a background in marketing, an individual who has had to communicate and sell successfully for a living.

Don’t expect a song and dance

Have a look around my website. It’s not all-singing-all-dancing. After all I’m not a designer. I am a copywriter.

Call me what you want

I provide content. I also provide marketing services. Call it content marketing, call it copywriting, call it commercial writing or editorial content or better still call me.