KTN Innovate UK

Channel: Print

Role: Writer and editor

Key challenge

Innovate UK has been conducting global missions since 2018 in a target country and tech sector to find opportunities for innovative UK businesses. As the editor and writer for the series, I have helped to produce more than 50 country guides, for targeted special interest groups on topics ranging from Bioinformatics in Israel to US East Coast Cybersecurity, via AI, Agritech, Digital Health, Precision Medicine, Quantum Tech, Smart Cities and many more.

The publications appear on the gov.uk website and are shared with UK businesses through email marketing and events.


“Bluetooth-enabled handrails were used to monitor an older person’s use of handrails. The measurement from the Bluetooth handrails served as an indicator of care management.

If the person used the Bluetooth handrail more, more care and physiotherapy was made available.

Changes in the use of the Bluetooth handrail were used to monitor potential injury and strength. In extreme cases, an alarm notification alerted a physiotherapist to investigate why there was a sharp increase in activity.”