Are you avoiding the news? According to research by the Reuters Institute, 60 per cent of people say they always, often or sometimes avoid news during the present Covid-19 emergency.

Well, this is a news-free zone. As we endure the second month of lockdown, I share with you the best distractions from the rolling doom-and-gloom. What do you mean we can come out now..? I haven’t finished Better Call Saul.

What I’m watching

The Banff Mountain Film Festival will release new additions to their collection of short films each week. For adventure at home, I like to stream to my TV and turn up the volume (falling snow is better).

The Frenchy, my favourite BMFF film, screened last year, was a profile of Jaques Houot who is still competing in mountain biking and skiing in Colorado at the age of 82. And that’s the least interesting thing about him, watch the 17-min film to find out more.

What I’m listening to

Joe Rogan has signed a deal with Spotify for $100m. If you’re thinking ‘Who’s He?’ you need to get over to his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience before it disappears behind a paywall. His interview with Elon Musk, where they both smoked marijuana, saw the share price of Tesla drop and is one of many bizarre, yet insightful conversations he’s had with business leaders and celebrities.

I’m definitely not the intended audience, so how did I end up here? David Goggins –   Episodes 1080 and 1212 – ex-Navy Seal and ultra-athlete. Yes, I could lend you his autobiography, Can’t Hurt Me, but I recommend you get the audio version. It’s a much better experience listening to the chat between Goggins and the narrator Adam Skolnick, giving you a glimpse onto his extraordinary life and badass attitude.

What I’m reading

Living With A Seal: 31 Days Training With The Toughest Man On The Planet by Jesse Itzler. A book by an American entrepreneur who invited a Navy Seal to live with him for a month in his Central Park apartment, to get him out of a rut and into shape. Goggins was revealed to be that man, after Itzler wrote about the experience in 2010.

I may have become a little obsessed with Goggins, but as the great man himself said:

“Be more than motivated, be more than driven, become literally obsessed to the point where people think you’re f**king nuts.”

David Goggins

What I’m working on

Most of my work is for repeat clients. Those in the hospitality, construction and travel sectors have been hardest hit. Emerging technology, digital health, and fintech companies are keeping me busy. We’re seeing change on steroids.

Nobody knows how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, but I’m working regular office hours (9am – 5pm). If you need marketing or writing support, you can call (07752 975189) or email