Moby, Elton John and The Ghost Writer

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Is it ever worth reading the Afterword, the bit at the end of a book that explains how it came into being? Below is an excerpt taken from Porcelain, the coming-of-age memoir written by musician and DJ, Moby: “When I first talked to a literary agent about writing a memoir I mentioned that it would be really fun to hire a writer. My literary agent said: ‘You’re descended from Herman Melville. You need to at least try to write the book on your...

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How to market your book before publication

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Blog, Marketing, Print, Self-publishing, Writing style |

Here’s my advice for marketing your book, possibly even before you’ve written it. Most people are not just writing a book. Do you have the luxury of writing full time and getting paid for it? As an expert writer or knowledge specialist, you’ll most likely be writing as a side project. Recently I attended a talk by a consultant who has a firmly established reputation. He wasn’t a professional speaker, but casually mentioned ‘by the way, this...

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Do you need to translate for prosperity come Chinese New Year?

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Man United will join millions of people to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, which falls on 31 January. The club will use its own official Chinese website, to appeal to Chinese-speaking fans. It’s fair to assume the club doesn’t have to justifying the investment in translated content for the site, a mirror image of the British version. Chinese seems to be the one language UK businesses choose to translate content and...

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Why an eBay listing may be my greatest legacy

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I will leave behind a lovingly crafted product listing for a coffee machine. Feel free to use it. A quick copy and paste should do the job. No, no, I insist. Please go ahead. Be my guest says Gill Booles. Once I’ve joined the coffee grounds, it’s likely to be my greatest legacy. My words will live on in countless active listings in cyberspace. You see I couldn’t bring myself to lift the manufacturer’s descriptor or another eBay listing. Copy...

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Why Lance can’t be trusted: A shifty point of view

Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Writing style |

If you want the sense of truth that comes from an eyewitness account you use the first person. The story is told by the main character from their point of view, and we stay inside the head of someone intimately involved with the events. He can explain his actions and motives. Which is presumably why Lance Armstrong chose not to. In the Oprah Winfrey interview he refers to himself in the third person: “The leader of the team, the guy that that...

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Why ‘it’s been an amazing journey’ should be banned

Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Communication, Writing style |

This week saw the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, a film telling a story where characters go on ‘a journey’. At the start Bilbo Baggins is just like us, living his ordinary life, but by the end he will have become a hero. As he moves through his journey he is transformed by the challenges he must face. For Bilbo these threats are much more serious than whether his pastry will have a soggy bottom. But that doesn’t mean every...

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