Why The Shallows rewards deep reading

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Gill Booles reviews The Shallows by Nicholas Carr for All Media Scotland. Reproduced – you need to be signed up to read the original Remember the  Tomorrow People ? Well, it seems the next stage of human evolution is more likely to be the Pancake People – spread wide and thin as we connect with a vast network of information accessed by the mere touch of a button. That’s if you’re still reading, because that hyperlink may have had you behaving...

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Past perfect content. Why it’s all just a little bit of history repeating

Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Communication, Digital, Marketing, Print, Self-publishing, social media, Website |

You look back.  You look back to the start of the year when plans were being drawn up. Back when it all seemed so simple. It is simple. Well no perhaps that’s a tad simplistic, if ‘it’ is life. I’m not a lifestyle guru. There are many other blogs which will promise that life should be simple. I’m just offering you hope, to shape your content in the New Year. Content is simple. Stop over analyzing. Or rather make sure you analyse the right...

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Why you need to treat me as an individual not a target audience

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I have a confession to make. I have never prepared a Xmas dinner. I prefer cheese to chocolate. I only own a couple of pairs of shoes. My shopping trips consist of darting into a store to buy the item I’ve previously identified online.  No, I am not a man. But at this time of year I have much in common with men. You see I am difficult to buy for.  Let me re-phrase that. I am difficult to sell to. Advertising used to be about how many people you...

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For fax sake: on inappropriate communication

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It was when the HMRC call centre worker said ‘we can fax them through’ that I was briefly pulled up short. Until then I’d been OK. I had my 10 digit personal reference number and password, I even had a print copy of old statements. Fax? I looked wildly round the room. There’s a printer that doubles as a scanner and photocopier. I even have a combined cooker and dishwasher (really). But no fax machine. Back in the day I worked for a publisher...

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This was their mailing list. Join it and see what happens, I dare you

Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Digital, Website |

This is the invitation on the contact form on The Broken Family Band website. That box waiting to be filled with an email address is like the big red button you know you shouldn’t touch. You really want to see what happens. According to the website, the band played their last show in 2009. At least they bothered to manage my expectations. I can guess the response won’t be immediate. In contrast I will never know why the physio didn’t...

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Dumb dos and don’ts of smartphones

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Today’s phones enable people to do most of the things they used to use computers for. It’s therefore worth considering how this affects communication. Here are 5 issues to bear in mind when communicating with smartphones. Quick Response (QR) codes. Black and white boxes which when scanned by a mobile phone camera take the user to a weblink. Flourishing, because of the take up of internet-enabled phones. Do consider using them on your print...

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