Why your website needs to be open all hours ahead of Small Business Saturday

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Shop local and support Small Business Saturday (7 Dec),  you may find hidden gems. Or you may be unlucky and find the shop in darkness with a closed sign on the door. Ahead of the day – the first one in the UK – I’m putting in a request for market traders and independent retailers to meet shoppers half way. Prepare for one of the busiest shopping days by checking that your website has the correct opening hours. Many businesses will be...

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A website is for life and not just for Christmas, unlike the content

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“You’ll soon be able to visit us using the new tram service” the restaurant promises on its website. Yeah, good luck with that. The Edinburgh trams may be delayed but you could say that the directions showing how to get to the restaurant will be correct one day. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. The beauty of websites is that they’re so easy to update. The problem is that they seldom are because they rely on non-technical parts i.e....

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Why you need to treat me as an individual not a target audience

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I have a confession to make. I have never prepared a Xmas dinner. I prefer cheese to chocolate. I only own a couple of pairs of shoes. My shopping trips consist of darting into a store to buy the item I’ve previously identified online.  No, I am not a man. But at this time of year I have much in common with men. You see I am difficult to buy for.  Let me re-phrase that. I am difficult to sell to. Advertising used to be about how many people you...

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Christmas is coming: Why brands should stop nagging

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At this time of year I feel like I’m being grabbed by the elbow and propelled towards the Christmas I am not yet ready for. Sainsbury’s ‘know Christmas is more than just one day. It’s about a whole season of days’. Apparently it’s not enough to panic buy for one day, and we must cater for the entire duration of the festive season. And to fail to act now means to risk being left behind. So it comes as a welcome change when a keen salesman...

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Starting the new year in September

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Welcome to the Words Are Everywhere newsletter. *************** STARTING THE NEW YEAR IN SEPTEMBER I was the kind of child who was pleased to see the ‘back to school’ adverts. I like September because of the promise of a new start. Beginning a new project and looking to commission a writer? Call me – I bring the excitement of stocking up on new stationery. *************** SHARPEN YOUR PENCILS AND OPEN A CRISP NEW EXERCISE BOOK Nothing...

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