Do you need to translate for prosperity come Chinese New Year?

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Man United will join millions of people to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, which falls on 31 January. The club will use its own official Chinese website, to appeal to Chinese-speaking fans. It’s fair to assume the club doesn’t have to justifying the investment in translated content for the site, a mirror image of the British version. Chinese seems to be the one language UK businesses choose to translate content and...

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Why The Shallows rewards deep reading

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Gill Booles reviews The Shallows by Nicholas Carr for All Media Scotland. Reproduced – you need to be signed up to read the original Remember the  Tomorrow People ? Well, it seems the next stage of human evolution is more likely to be the Pancake People – spread wide and thin as we connect with a vast network of information accessed by the mere touch of a button. That’s if you’re still reading, because that hyperlink may have had you behaving...

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Do businesses need brochures as well as websites?

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This article first appeared on Enterprise Nation: a free resource to help you start and grow your business at home. Doing business today means customers never have to see a piece of paper. Companies make their products available on the website rather than a catalogue. We Google rather than search the Yellow Pages. Kindle ebooks are outselling print books on Amazon. With digital on the rise you could be tempted into believing print is dead. Here...

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