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Summers can be tough. With so many clients, colleagues and suppliers on holiday, projects still have to go ahead. Schedules slip and clients return demanding to know why the summer issue is being produced in September.

I’m writing articles for a bank’s quarterly magazine for business customers – it still needs to go out on time despite the usual writer being on holiday. If you need spare capacity give me a call.



Perhaps you’re taking the opportunity whilst clients are on holiday to do your own housekeeping. Or you may want to suggest they do an annual overhaul of their promotional material – it’s difficult to maintain a website, perhaps there are brochures that they’ve meant to get round to updating but never quite had time. Now is that time. Call me.

I’m doing a mini-makeover on some of the older websites I’ve worked on – updating their product and services descriptors, adding profiles of new employees, populating the news section – turning them around in a couple of days.



Clients come back expecting campaigns to be ready to launch for September. They didn’t have time before they went away, now they want to know what’s happening. What do you do? Line up spare capacity you can call on during August, if you need to. That’s me.

I’m providing marketing support for a new start-up looking to launch in September. We’re choosing not to take the foot off the gas, but to see the next 8 weeks as an opportunity to stealthily line up our ducks. Competitor analysis? Done. Promotional plan? Done. Pricing structure? Done. World domination. Work in Progress.



With so many clients on holiday, projects get put on hold. And it seems like no one wants to make a decision because ‘Cathy is away for two weeks, and once she gets back it will take her another two weeks to catch up’.

Well one of my projects has been put on hold. Anyone needs me, I’m available.

I provide content. I also provide marketing services. I understand copy and how it works as a direct marketing technique, how it should work as a marketing tool. And I work across all channels because what works offline (in print – brochure, newsletter, poster) will work online too (web, blog). I’m also a trained journalist, copy editor and proofreader. And I have a background in communication. For compelling and engaging content contact gill@wordsareeverywhere.co.uk



“Gill immediately understood our requirements and limitations [providing content for the Ollieandforbes.com website], the latter being especially pertinent as we are a start up business. We were also very impressed with the way she extended over the brief and provided us with very creative, helpful and practical suggestions and ideas regarding current and future developments.” Gillian Burke, Founder, Ollie & Forbes