How to be an expert

Posted by on Jun 8, 2014 in Articles, Blog, Content, Front page, Interviewing |

Do you want to be an authority? To be known as an expert in your field? Are you keen to demonstrate thought leadership? Then read on. When I started copywriting 13 years ago I didn’t appreciate the amount of time I would spend hunting for expert opinion. Writing a feature for a trade magazine, B2B title or membership publication is often the result of a protracted search to identify and interview appropriate, credible, respected industry...

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Why you need to be newsworthy not snoozeworthy

Posted by on Sep 12, 2011 in Articles, social media, Website |

I worked on the When You Find Out You’re Pregnant – Tell Me public health campaign. The aim was to encourage women to contact their midwife as early in their pregnancy as possible. If only Beyonce had been available as a poster girl. Announcing her pregnancy resulted in 8,900 tweets per second. Was there anyone on this planet who hadn’t been told the news? Twitter can be useful for breaking news, but also suffers from that common...

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