The Internet of Things – where’s the content?

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Blog, Content, Front page, Marketing |

This week I was asked to quote a fee for writing the label copy for a well known Scottish drink. I’m still waiting to hear whether my language must be come-hither seductive shelf stopper or a zingy sassy invitation to ‘take me to the till’. Either way, shifting product into supermarket basket will mean adopting the brand personality, which could be as simple as: ‘Young, innovative, accessible and hassle-free – and everything...

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3 best wordy shows at Edinburgh Festival 2014

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Looking for words this Edinburgh Fringe? Comfortable to let content to take centre stage? There are over 3,000 shows and more than 250 venues. I’ve managed to cut it down to just these 3 performances of spoken word, comedy and poetry: Grave Invaders The dripping vaults of the Banshee Labyrinth provide a suitably spooky setting for Grave Invaders an energetic spoken word show by Mark Grist, MC Mixy and Tim Clare. Tenuously held together by their...

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If it’s so simple, why don’t you say so? How to be concise and to the point

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Give Me Tap was described by the Sunday Times as a ‘bottle that can be refilled with tap water free of charge at participating restaurants’ erm…like any other bottle or those old fashioned things we used to call a glass? Turns out it was a more innovative and enterprising product as the BBC explained: “Give Me Tap is a business that enables people to fill a special aluminium bottle with water at eateries across Manchester. The 25-year-old...

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