Doing business abroad – writing for Alibaba, Amazon and beyond

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Many are asking should you invest in Alibaba as the Chinese internet trading company heads towards a float on the New York Stock Exchange. If the question you’re asking is Ali-what? then read on. E-commerce is more than eBay and Amazon. Don’t limit yourself to Western platforms if you have international trading ambitions, adopt a global mindset. Alibaba is China’s answer to eBay, and surpasses both Amazon and eBay globally. Meanwhile

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Turn words into wants: Making sense of comfort buying

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No matter how bad things get, How to Worry Less About Money  offers comfort, a book to sit and stroke as the bailiffs step over your prone body and carry the furniture onto the street. The series by PanMacmillan has the most strokeable covers you’ll meet. I was seduced in Waterstones. Rationality flew out of the window, as I ran my fingers up and down its spine. I had no need of the book, but I wanted it, with a primitive urge, a base desire to...

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