Curation for the (COVID) duration

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Are you avoiding the news? According to research by the Reuters Institute, 60 per cent of people say they always, often or sometimes avoid news during the present Covid-19 emergency. Well, this is a news-free zone. As we endure the second month of lockdown, I share with you the best distractions from the rolling doom-and-gloom. What do you mean we can come out now..? I haven’t finished Better Call Saul. What I’m watching The Banff Mountain Film...

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Marketing thru COVID – a plan of sorts

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COVID-19 brought the film and TV industry to a halt, more or less overnight on 17 March 2020. The next day, I jumped on a call with the two owners of Power Gems, and we came up with a way to harness the six years spent working together to build a global brand. The Manchester-based business designs and manufactures a specialist lighting product for film and TV production, with the majority of sales overseas. My approach I created a one-month...

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The Future of Fintech for The CA

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About twenty years ago, I got my first experience of working on a business magazine. Amid deadlines for a Masters in Journalism and early morning shifts at a press cutting agency, I filed my first piece for The CA magazine. Back then, the magazine was produced in-house, by a dedicated team of writers and designers, in the Stockbridge office of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. The magazine then went out to a competitive tender...

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The Internet of Things – where’s the content?

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This week I was asked to quote a fee for writing the label copy for a well known Scottish drink. I’m still waiting to hear whether my language must be come-hither seductive shelf stopper or a zingy sassy invitation to ‘take me to the till’. Either way, shifting product into supermarket basket will mean adopting the brand personality, which could be as simple as: ‘Young, innovative, accessible and hassle-free – and everything...

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Content creation made simple – Easy copy for sharing and keeping

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Warning: Tenuous jumping on the baking bandwagon as the Great British Bake Off returns to our screens. I’d love some ideas for content that is light, easy and quick to make. My 32-year old designer insists we don’t have room for many words. How do we get more bang for our buck? Reader, Scotland When it comes to limited space (I’ll assume we’re talking about print or digital) it’s vital to make each word work hard. You don’t have room for...

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How to be an expert

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Do you want to be an authority? To be known as an expert in your field? Are you keen to demonstrate thought leadership? Then read on. When I started copywriting 13 years ago I didn’t appreciate the amount of time I would spend hunting for expert opinion. Writing a feature for a trade magazine, B2B title or membership publication is often the result of a protracted search to identify and interview appropriate, credible, respected industry...

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