Defining your target audience: Gaffers, best boy and grips

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I like to believe I’m a copywriter who understands my client’s industry and business, but what exactly is the difference between a gaffer and a best boy? Fortunately film critic, Antonia Quirke has made a series for BBC Radio 4 – Quirke’s Cast and Crew, where she explains who does what in the film industry. In the first episode, Gaffer & Best Boy, she talks to members of the film crew responsible for all things electrical. He who controls...

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Is finding your ideal customer in the DNA or A/B?

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How do you find your ideal customer? In the ideal world, you would conduct extensive research. You would learn about your target customer’s likes, their interests and occupation. In the real world, you may only know what pain point your product or service addresses. From that though, you can figure out what features would be attractive, and write about the benefits of buying your product or service. Often, you need to go mass market, and spray...

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How to write winning award entries

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Ever wondered how a product gets to be awarded ‘the world’s best’? It’s not a level playing field – yes, each product has an equal chance of winning. But not every product is going to enter, and the common mistake we all make is focusing on competition that isn’t even there. Most businesses aren’t doing anything to win awards, so they’re not competing with you. They are run by business owners who too busy honing their sales techniques or...

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When marketing automation goes bad

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Online reviews from happy customers are a great way to win more business. Marketing automation can help you, by sending emails to ask for feedback. But while automation can save you time, you also don’t want to make these mistakes. Today, The Body Shop UK sent me this email: Immediately I was suspicious – it looked like a scam email, the business name wasn’t simply the Body Shop. Learning point: Use a sender email address that’s consistent with...

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Digital skills your writer needs right now

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I know successful business people who can’t add up for toffee. Likewise, my design skills suck. You can’t do it all, which is why you need to bring in a specialist. Or be prepared to give it a try. Which is often my approach, and why I’ve got a better understanding of what digital is all about. Looking back at when I set up, eight years ago, I realise how far I’ve come from traditional copywriting. In those days, campaigns were either digital...

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Are you targeting the right reader?

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Recently I was talking to a designer who had been asked by their client to redesign an employee magazine. The client is a multinational company, with a workforce of tens of thousands spread across multiple locations worldwide. It has grown rapidly through acquisition. According to the client’s brief, the aim of the magazine is to help employees of the wider group have clarity of the company’s strategy. They cited the target reader as the...

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