3 best wordy shows at Edinburgh Festival 2014

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Looking for words this Edinburgh Fringe? Comfortable to let content to take centre stage? There are over 3,000 shows and more than 250 venues. I’ve managed to cut it down to just these 3 performances of spoken word, comedy and poetry: Grave Invaders The dripping vaults of the Banshee Labyrinth provide a suitably spooky setting for Grave Invaders an energetic spoken word show by Mark Grist, MC Mixy and Tim Clare. Tenuously held together by their...

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For Sale, Baby clothes. Never used

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As legend has it, Ernest Hemingway was asked if he knew the shortest story in the English language. He is said to have answered: “For sale: Baby clothes, never used.” Impressive and less than 140 characters. Much as Da Vinci came up with the idea of the parachute before the plane was even invented Hemingway clearly anticipated Twitter. If Hemingway were alive today would he be as prolific or would he spend his days blogging about...

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