How to be a business: not a cliche

Posted by on Aug 12, 2011 in Marketing, Writing style |

Failing to look at what your competitors are up to can trigger the ‘looky-likey’ trap. Signs that you are hurting your business by resorting to stereotypes include: If you are a hairdresser or beauty salon you will ‘listen to what our customers want’, always offer an ‘indulgent pamper package’ in a ‘calm and relaxing salon’. Just like the one round the corner. Restaurants, pubs and cafes only ever use ‘locally sourced produce and the finest...

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Teeth whitening, nail bars and Zumba listen up

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This article first appeared on: Bitsy – the friendliest B2B marketplace on the web For various reasons I get to see a lot of website for starts ups – laser teeth whitening, nail bars, salsa and Zumba classes pepper my waking hours. And I’m usually trying to help gain customers or sales. I just wish they’d meet me half way. My biggest bug bear is websites. So listen up: Think of your website as significant chunk of your business. It is not...

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