What is evergreen content?

Posted by on Nov 12, 2014 in Blog, Content |

As the leaves fall from the trees, it’s time to turn to evergreen content. That’s content that doesn’t go out of date, words that stand the test of time. Is it evergreen? Ask if someone reading in a year’s time would find the content informative and interesting. If so, you have evergreen content. Words that don’t go out of date, that are useful whether they are two days or two years old. Evergreen content is cost effective – the content only...

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How to write a staff profile

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 in Marketing |

Sorry. But there’s no escape. Even if you work all on your ownsome. You’ll still need a well-written profile – for the About Us section of your website, sales credentials, proposals or professional association membership. Follow these top tips for profiles with pizzazz: Don’t give your competitors a plug. If you’ve head hunted the head of marketing from your arch rival, well done. But it’s best not to name your competitors. Instead try alluding...

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