Fancy going somewhere a bit quieter?

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in Communication |

Step outside. Let’s leave this website and continuing the conversation on email. Join my online community and engage in a debate on LinkedIn. If you’re thinking of jumping between communication channels you might want to bear the following in mind: Don’t assume everyone has what you’ve got. Quick Response codes only work with mobiles that have an autofocus function. Leaving two-thirds of mobile users unable to respond. Either create for the...

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Dumb dos and don’ts of smartphones

Posted by on Feb 15, 2011 in Communication, Digital, Website |

Today’s phones enable people to do most of the things they used to use computers for. It’s therefore worth considering how this affects communication. Here are 5 issues to bear in mind when communicating with smartphones. Quick Response (QR) codes. Black and white boxes which when scanned by a mobile phone camera take the user to a weblink. Flourishing, because of the take up of internet-enabled phones. Do consider using them on your print...

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