Accept that you’ll never have as many Twitter followers as Stephen Fry. At least not at the same time as running a business.

The news section of your website will be forever ‘under construction’. And those people who signed up to your newsletter will continue to wait in eager anticipation.

Stop feeling guilty. You’re running a business with a thousand demands on your time and energy. Stop torturing yourself by comparing, and finding yourself wanting, against those entrepreneurs who seem to be everywhere. Celebrities, entrepreneurs and the like will be the first to admit to having a support team; an agency Tweets on their behalf, manages the Facebook updates, writes and uploads blog posts. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all no one really believes those celebrity columns are written by the celebrities. A friend had the challenge of taking one socialite’s weekly rambling phone call and turning the laundry list of openings, receptions and night club appearances into a coherent column full of personality and glamour. If you have a diva lifestyle this is an option worth considering – do get in touch. As a ghost-writer I can be very discreet.

Social media works best when a single person is in charge. That’s you. You’re also the best person to blog, and manage relations with your target market via your website and other platforms. But you probably don’t have capacity, and can’t afford to outsource.

Accept your limited budget. Adjust your expectations. If your website/newsletter/Twitter account is still staring at you reproachfully, just give it up. Seriously. Close the account, remove that section of the website and don’t give people an option of subscribing. You are creating your business, and the beauty is no one can tell you what you can and can’t do. If you don’t want to Twitter, don’t. The conversation will carry on without you. You can join in later if you change your mind.

Which you probably will. Because once you stop trying to keep up, your thoughts will be of your business. Soon you’ll want to share those thoughts. And the perfect outlet is Twitter or Facebook or your website…