How to write an Annual Report, Year Book or corporate blog

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Blog, Project management |

Suppose you’ve been asked to pull together this year’s Annual Report. You quite like the idea. It gets you valuable time with the Chief Executive, exposure to the heads of each business function and licence to enquire about opportunities for career progression. You can almost feel the satisfaction of producing a tangible output, increasingly rare unless you work in manufacturing. But what are you actually being asked to do? You are being asked...

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Attack of the feature creep

Posted by on Oct 29, 2010 in Project management |

Feature creep is the tendency for anything complicated to become even more complicated because people keep saying ‘wouldn’t it be nice, wouldn’t it be even better if it had this feature too…’. Also known as is a tendency for a project’s requirements to increase during development, leading to features that weren’t originally planned and resulting in a risk to product quality or schedule. Feature creep may be driven by a client’s growing ‘wish...

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Writers working with designers – how to avoid problems

Posted by on Oct 18, 2009 in Project management |

This week I was asked what kind of work I would most like if I could work on anything. To my surprise I waxed lyrical about my current project. And realised it was because I have worked with the designer from the very start. So what? Well, it actually happens far less often than you’d think. It’s not uncommon for a writer to be asked to ‘give us 150 words for the panel on the home page’ where the template is fixed, the copy dictated by where...

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