Sadly the web is awash with self publishers, making zero revenue, but boasting of removing the editor, literary agent or other stage in the publishing process. And the many bloggers with amazing stories to tell and conspiracy theories for the failure to get media coverage. There’s always a journalist who wasn’t interested in their story because he was in cahoots with the Government/big business/big advertisers or friends with the competition.

They talk about going direct. They cut out the editor, the literary agent, the PR specialist, or other intermediary who know the target market. A PR specialist will know how to present a story, what angle the Daily Mail will be interested in compared to The Scotsman. The editor will simplify, bring out key messages and clarity for a general readership, taking your industry terminology-ridden story of becoming the first person to discover oil on Mars, and write it for the man on the street, who thinks derrick is your mate.

These unsung heroes polish, present and position content. They add value by using their experience, insight and good old gut instinct. And no they don’t work for free, but they do save you time and money in the long run. They may save you from yourself …if you can’t convince your editor perhaps you don’t have the kernel of a good idea. The best editor will get as excited about your project as you do.

So respect them. And if you think you can do a better job, carry on. Or continue to self-publish to zero readers, ring up newspapers and be fobbed off by busy news desks, and tell all who will listen how the world is against you.