Failed to keep your new year’s resolutions? Well it’s not too late as millions welcome the Chinese New Year. Along with losing weight, cutting down on the drinking can I suggest you start the Year of the Dragon by resolving to choose your words carefully.

Let’s start with the Chinese. According to The Sunday Times ‘vintage has yet to find a big Chinese fanbase because of a cultural distrust of things that have been used. Carmen Haid of the vintage emporium Atelier Mayer, has a neat solution. She sends every item off to be feng shuied before selling it’.

We have our own qualms when it comes to ‘second hand’, hence the wordy sleight of hand to call items ‘pre-loved’, ‘vintage’ or ‘memorabilia’.

Or as I’ve found, on a search for a rescue dog who is looking for a ‘second chance’ and a ‘forever home’ the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is in need of a rebranding exercise.

The problem: Keeps bad company with drug dealers, and prepared to chew your face off as much as looking at you, if it wasn’t chained up on the balcony of a high rise flat.

The challenge: Give it a chance, and discover a family dog known for gentleness with small children.

Rebranded: Peter Pan’s Nanny

Consider your words. It can make the difference between a sale and a snub. Sounds a bit fishy? Remember the Cornish sardine was once a humble pilchard.