Well hello. Do come in. Sit down. Take the weight off your feet.

Here it is. The place where I get to comment on a subject I care about intensely – content. Words in other words.

I am Gill Booles an Edinburgh-based copywriter.

As Words Are Everywhere I provide content and help people put their ideas into words.

Usually I have to follow a brief, meet a deadline or some other need; this is where I have the freedom to express my ideas in my own words.

The blog posts are not fully fledged articles (I spend my day herding words into features, case studies and news pieces), more casual, informal thoughts often sparked by what I’m working on at the time. Feel free to comment.

The blog dates back to 2009 with the latest thought stuffed on top. Why 2009? Well, that’s when Words Are Everywhere was born.

The posts could be seen as my development since embracing freelancing. I sincerely hope not given the themes that have emerged over time – the importance of review sites to a Prussian-toilet-turned-burger-bar, the danger of insipid zumba classes and the passive aggressive trade in Xmas cards.

When the day job is writing features advising business owners on the benefits of credit insurance or R&D tax allowances for B2B magazines something’s got to give. Having said that, if you want compelling content, do get in touch (call 07752 975189). Otherwise,  I hope I can count on you being too polite to draw attention to the bits that are hanging out. Just shove them back in. That’s what I normally do.