Loop Marketing website content writer and marketing

Channel: Website

Role: Content writer

Key challenge

Content writer for the website of a communications agency with offices in Manchester and London.

I worked remotely, never met the client but successfully managed to find the right voice to bring their approach to life.

The agency works with challenger brands (Wilkinson Sword and Energizer and food brands Kerrygold, Young’s Seafood, New York Bakery, Pork Farms and Schwartz). I also provided marketing advice on positioning in their market vis a vis their competitors.


“Curious? So are we. We pride ourselves on getting beneath the skin of the issues – to understand the real thinking and what drives consumer, shopper, customer or client. Central to our approach is the loop.

And we deliver in the most engaging way – through the most appropriate media to reach the consumer and meet the objective.”

Gill has been extremely efficient and helpful throughout this job constantly sticking to deadlines and providing great variations for our content.

We’ll most definitely use Gill again and we intend to use Words Are Everywhere for future clients’ work too. The cost for the standard of content provided is great value!

Armandine Cole

Loop Marketing