European Network for Workplace Health Promotion

Channel: Good practice guide

Role: Writer, editor and proofreader

Key challenge

Carrying out a heavy copy edit and revision of the material to produce a consistent tone throughout this practical guide produced by the European Network of Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP). The aim was to help businesses think about how they can create a healthy workplace for employees with chronic illness.

The 40pp resource was written in English by German colleagues of the ENWHP, and I was required to rewrite as necessary following consultation with the partner countries. I also wrote the conclusion to the document and worked on the leaflet produced to promote the resource to organisations and workplace advisers.

There is a strong business case for investing in workplace health. The challenge for employers is to find a balance between meeting the targetes for the business and the health needs of employees with chronic illness.


“Chronic illness poses a major challenge – it is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in Europe, and has a major impact on the expectancy of life lived in good health. In addition, there is reasonable evidence that chronic disease affects earnings, ability to work, job turnover and disability.”

Wow, thank you.

I don’t know how you did it (perhaps a night without sleep), but you certainly have managed to turn this report around. I was much more engaged with the text, it flows very well.

Kathleen Houston