Amelo Software – Website copywriting

Channel: Website

Role: Web copy writer

Key challenge

When Keith Harrison decided to start up a software development consultancy business in Glasgow, he needed help to create content for Amelo Software.

The website needed to be professional and appealing to companies of all sizes, so he chose Words Are Everywhere from the many members of the Professional Copywriters Network.

We collaborated in an iterative process, refining the structure and shaping the copy, to rapidly develop and deploy a website within a month.


“We embrace change, and accept that while you’ll often start with a goal in mind, even the best thought-through plans may need to change. That’s why our developers focus on responding to change and giving you working software, instead of rigidly following an out-of-date plan.

Flexibility is at the core of our software development process, with just enough planning for fast implementation. With Amelo you can always change software features as we go along, so you get exactly what you need.”

Gill impressed me the most because of her friendly manner, experience and understanding of what I needed.

Keith Harrison