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Key challenge: Chartered Banker is  published six times a year and sent to members of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland . Regular contributor of features – such as the introduction of a new qualification, the Certificate of Offshore Practice – and news items. Most recently, interviewing and writing the professional financial adviser columns on the impact of the Retail Distribution Review and Mortgage Market Review.
Excerpt: “Even though you might be ready for RDR your clients aren’t because they thought the advice was free. There’s so much to do getting client on board with the new regime, the CPD could tip some people over the edge. They’ll work their nuts off doing the day job, focusing on the client, and twelve months from now they look at their CPD log and it’ll be empty. When they apply for their SPS they’ll be told ‘it’s not good enough'”, says Julian lane, IFA at Deverill Black & Co Ltd. ”